Sunday, April 24, 2005

Another day

Hellfire XVII in progress
We have been busy today. First Collin went and picked the grapes early this morning because the birds were making big inroads on what was left. Then we crushed them in the grape/apple crusher and we have about 22 litres of wine from our own grapes- it should have been way more but for the birds... Then we crushed piles and piles of apples, also to crush and make apple wine with. That is still in progress- it all takes time. Even though we do not have that much land in the big picture- about one hectare and not all of it is used for vegetables or orchard ,at this time of year it takes a fair whack of time to process all the produce. I can't really keep up with it all, but try the best i can.

Made some progress with Hellfire XVII - managed to burn the holes in the fabric and then fix the fire fabric behind the forest fabric- so it will be a reverse applique. I had wanted to do more but then we got stuck into crushing apples.

And Debra I went and looked at the 27th of January pic- I think I must have run out of time because I can't find any pictures of the fabric. I have a lot of dyeing and printing to do before 5 May when I leave for Europe. I will post a list of where I am teaching in the next few days and links if I have them.Posted by Hello

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Elle said...

I love how it looks like molten lava bursting through a smooth rocky surface.