Sunday, May 11, 2008

Variation of Form

Today is Mother's day in Australia so it's appropriate to be playing around with the "form" of pomegranates- my favourite fruit! I am always amazed at how different one form can look depending on what you do with it. Yes it is a pomegranate but visually they read quite differently The fist image is actually the negative whereas the other two are the positive image. Then you can also juxtapose the size of form- creating contrast. There is all sorts of playing to be done! I consider myself lucky to be working with textiles ( even though sometimes I wished I earnt a decent living wage) - I love everything about textiles. I love the patterns, and repeats and though I tend to assymetrical balance, the balance of printed textiles is always at play in my work. I consider myself a colourist of the dyeing kind with a penchant for creating decorative patterns that are enhanced by stitch or whatever it needs.

Happy Mother's day to all the mothers out there!

I took myself for a nice walk this morning- i need to start getting fit again. There are possibly some exciting developments on the horizon which may or may not include me leading a textile tour once in awhile to far flung places where textiles are still a way of life. More on this in the not too distant future!
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monique 78 said...

How exciting this idea of a tour. Hope you'll give us more explanations soon.
I like the variations on pomegranates, especially the negative image.

ann vanherle said...

je werken zijn weer prachtig.Ik kan ook genieten van het gewoon aanraken van stoffen en vooral de kleuren.Ben benieuwd naar je tour

Jenny Williams said...

Your pomegranates are beautiful. I am especially fond of them myself and I love how you have made the positive and negative images as contrast. Truly beautiful. I would be honored to find a place of honor in my home!
Jenny Williams

The Idaho Beauty said...

It's amazing to me how you take this simple design and do so many interesting things with it. I never tire of it, and apparently, neither do you!