Thursday, May 01, 2008

Stitching Away

Pomegranates SOLD

Today was a blegh day- the weather is blegh, it's turned cold and wet, I was in a blegh mood. When you work from home it is sometimes very difficult to motivate yourself to work- it's so much easier to cruise blogs and do other distracting activities. It is also hard to keep your own promises- because there is no-one to check on you, and whilst I do have an exhibition looming- it's still four months away so what is a day lost here and there? And then there has been the inevitable upheavals with what has been going on these last eighteen months and altogether I have lost a lot of days. I must admit the artists whose work I like a lot all seemed to have an incredibly strong work ethic- very solid working routines, and working without an end in sight. I need to remind myself that doing the work is a good thing- that distraction activities whilst pleasant don't get the work done.

And then another one of those moments when you realise doing the work is a good thing- I have set myself the task of making 60 of my square quiltlets/embroideries- the idea is they will all be hung together at the start of the exhibition- they are affordable so hopefully the bread and butter which will defray the costs of taking the larger pieces to Germany. I wanted three different scenes/works with an edition of 20 for each- using colour etc to add variation. I have been struggling thinking of a third. I had thought the little carpet inspired ones but the truth is they look good with the Zenobia dolls and also gives me the means of having the dolls stand upright in their own right and I like the idea that each Zenobia comes with her own carpet much as they would have done setting up camp in the desert. So what to make and then, because, I was doing the work and the mind wonders when you sit and sew on the machine- hey presto- pomegranates!

I also need to recut the teapot lino-cut as it is slightly larger than the others, and trimming away unbalances the image. The embroideries in this post are for sale ( they measure around 8 inches square) and the price is $60 US inclusive of postage.
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Anonymous said...

Hi, Dijanne,
I sent you an email about buying the beautiful pomegranate piece, but I my email isn't always reliable, so I just want to be sure you got it!

Anonymous said...
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Cheryl said...

As always, love the POMs. Are they a stamp? Discharged somehow? If I lived in Australia, I would take a class from you. Here in Chicago, USA the weather is finally getting warm.
Best! Cheryl

MargaretR said...

That pomegranate one is to die for Dijanne!

Jasmine said...

Yummo pomegranate Dijanne, thanks for sharing. Next time you visit we will sit on the veranda and spit pomegranate pips at the chooks...
Hugs xxxx