Sunday, May 18, 2008

Springtime Pomegranates Whilst it's Autum

Pomegranates ( 8x8 inches)for Sale $60US inclusive of postage
Pomegranates for Sale ( 8x8 inches) $60US inclusive of postage
Pomegranate postcard ( 6x4 inches) $27 US

Been running around looking at houses again. Especially trying to get a feel for the size of the spaces as display homes are always large and it's hard to visualise a house that is at least a 1/3 smaller. So the kids and I have decided and taken the plunge- it has me kind of hyperventilating but as it is a custom built home I should be able to find a mortgage unlike the situation of moving a house .It is unlikely to be finished before December and it may be even February before we move in- so quite a long wait, and meanwhile the guy still hasn't come to put the slab in my shed so that I would at least have somewhere to work, other than the corner in my daughters' bedroom.

So I have been making pomegranates and they are quite bright and airy- very spring like whilst it is most definitely autumn here!
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Anonymous said...

it's almost summer over here, but i can never get enough of your pomegranates. always a delight to look at!

Frances said...

I love your pomegranates, I hope all goes well with the house, take care,
best thoughts Frances