Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And the Winner Is ?

I redid the villages today- and I will redye. Our newish kitten/cat tried to help as well so I had to redo it twice .....pawmarks in black tectile ink didn't add to the atmosphere somehow. I will also keep working on the other one- maybe something wil happen to resurrect it?

Ok and the winner of three coral Variations is Evy from the Netherlands.

On the house front- it's no go zone with the banks because by moving a house I am technically an owner builder and no one wants to lend unless you are actually a builder which I am not- so back to the drawing board ! I really appreciate you all putting positive wishes into the stratosphere for me- somehting will happen!
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Evy said...

I have actualy read the post 3 times to make sure I understood correctly, but I think I did. I've won :)
You coudn't have made me more happy, I love those wonderfull works of texture and color!

A very happy,

dutchcomfort said...

Congrats to Evy! She told me she had won a give-away, so here I am to visit your blog! Love your work, and hope to meet you in Holland one day!