Friday, May 02, 2008

Where did the day Go ?

pomegranates SOLD
The top piece is the commission I am working on- I have actually started stitching - hoorah! it's by far the biggest quilt I have done in about 7-8 months-. It is for aholiday house by the sea and the request was soemthing bright and reminescent of the sea- I hope it's working ?? It took me a long time to just get the right colours.

And another pomegranate piece for sale ( $60 US inclusive of postage- measures 20 cm square approx)- I only managed one because I stitched ont he commission piece and had to go into town. The bottom photo is of a persimmon- ( kaki) I wish the birds would stop eating them before they ripen.
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Anonymous said...

That sea piece is wonderful. And, of course I love the poms (an addiction since I was a little kid- I wonder how my mom got me to try all the exotic foods). Don't think I've ever tried a persimmon....

The two "tree" pieces are on the design wall calling to me. But I have two other things I MUST finish first!!

Hugs from your Canadian twin...Just occurred to me, since I'm having fun with having Karen Miller come out and teach a class this summer, maybe you would like to visit in 2009 and teach a class?? Plan to spend an extra week just bumming around with me??


Dale Anne Potter said...

LOVE the Pomegranate pieces!

I have the same problem with birds eating our plums and apples.......I bought some sheer curtains at the thrift store and they are NOT going to get any this year. I'll wait until the blossoms turn into fruit and then the sheers will be on the trees.......may look crazy but I'm tired of the birds eating MY fruit!!! LOL

Lorie McCown said...

Your work is just beautiful, love those pomegranites..lovely.