Thursday, May 29, 2008

Home For One Day

Braidwood was busy and fun- I will report more next week, but the next week or two is a bit crazy.Tomorrow I am off to Sydney for one night to talk to Creative Safaris about doing textile/cultural tours ( so more on that next week I hope) and then I am off to Adelaide to teach dyeing and printing for four days for the South Australian Quilters' Guild. Then I got contacted by the project homes- they have to make an extra charge because I live in Gelliand- hrummfph!

I did finish one Pomegranate piece today and it is for sale for $60US inclusive of postage. But the best thing was when I went to pick up my mail at the Post office my album I had made with VioVio had arrived and I have posted two pages from the album. I am absolutely delighted with the result- the pages are 11 inches by 14 inches and the images ( apart from photographer error) have all come out great- colour is good and the quality of the paper is good. I will definitely use this service again if I can work out how to minimise the cost of postage! And so far it makes a lovely record of my work for Carvanserai!


Anonymous said...

Your album looks great; it's a good idea; Looking forward from reading your report about Braidwood

TracyB said...

Every day I visit your site, I see more & more beautiful work (hope some day I can afford a beautiful piece of yours)!!

I have tagged you & just to let you know it's totally voluntary!! Check out my blog for instructions if you're interested!!

Joei Rhode Island said...

The peak into the album is wonderful. Congratulations on Carvanserai. I's sure it will be a success.

Rhode Island