Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I finished the commission and was eager to post oit to its new owner this afternoon. I did take photos at home but they did not work out- who knows why. So these rather bad photos are the only ones I have of the finished quilt- and I forgot to measure it . Oh well not good for the record keeping!

The roosters around here get up incredibly early in the morning- around three am when the log trucks start rolling ( I know because I can hear everything out in the tent including the blasted trucks- don't they sleep???) Then they seem to doze and then we have one eager rooster who feels the need for another wake-up call at around five- that sets the whole neighbourhood of roosters off again- then they doze again and then they do the serious crowing at around 5.30- it's so loud there is no way you can snooze through that! So I am always up early- I really would like to sleep in sometimes or just laze a bit longer in bed- but those roosters are very determined!
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Sue said...

The quilt is so beautiful - well done!
Would earplugs do it for sleeping in?

Paddy's Daughter said...

Looks really lovely - it will suit its new sea setting really well.

TracyB said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! I can relate somewhat to your roosters. Every Spring & until late Fall, we have a robin, that comes back EVERY year, that decides to start chirping around 3:00 EVERY morning. She's so loud that we cannot sleep with our windows open at nite which I miss doing. There are times that she's been so loud that we could hear her through the closed window. I can somewhat understand her chirping when the sun comes up, but often times it's still dark outside when she decides to start in, which I just don't understand. So I can totally feel for you!!

lyric said...

I've spent many months sleeping with earplugs. Especially when teaching little ones to sleep through the night and during cicada seasons. Had to try a number of varieties before finding one that was comfortable.

Paula said...

The colors are good. I especially like the band on the right side. Nice work.

We have a riot of birds in the neighborhood ~ it can get pretty noisy.

monique 78 said...

I really love it. It would probably fit the room I've recently painted in my seaside flat, south of France!!
Your pict is a bit pale, but we could see the true colours in the work in progress.
Here swallows are singing and they start as soon as the dawn comes. Last week, by the seaside, we had a nest in an ventilation hole, plus the seagulls !! But I know I couldn't sleep with earplugs.