Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Work in Progress

Ocean Waters #1 For sale $40 US inclusive of postage
Ocean Waters #2 For Sale $40 US inclusive of postage

I have posted a picture of my commisssion in progress- I stitched all day and there is still quite soe to go. Plus I managed to get a crease in the back cloth which I did not realise until I had done quite soem sewing. Hence the in progress shot- I wanted to see whether titwould still hang all right because to unpick that amount of stitching and the consequent tiny holes caused by the needle in the silk ar enot worth the effort. It is of course caused by the fact that silk strecthec quite a lot when you stitch it densely- and this piece is densely stitched. It annoys me that there is the crease but it is just going to have to stay! It will be flattened so much by stitching it will barely be noticeable... but still......

I also dyed some ocean coloured fabrics and they are for sale.
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Mai-Britt said...

Thank for showing the commission as well - it is beautiful.... What is the size, please?

I just looked at your NeoCounter - sooooo many hits! And I was proud of my 47 visitors from 7 countries........... OK, I only started blogging less than two month ago, and only added the counter four or five days ago, but still :O)