Thursday, May 22, 2008

Working on the Village Scene

I have been thinking about the village scene on and of since I posted photos of it recently. I have very few ufo's genrally working out a solution to resolve an issue. I did paint another scene but it did bother me to put this one aside and not finish it- besides I need th epins in order to pin my next quilt. So I neded up requilting I had done with the silver metallic thread and a 35 weight Valdani thread in ecry variations. It's come up enough for me to be reasonably happy with it- if there are good gallery lights the silver thread will throw of a bit of sparkle if not the heavier weight thread will show up even at a distance- it's almost a negative image when you see it in the flesh- and this is not quite so obvious in the photo.

And another arghhhh moment- my hard drive on my computer got fried- we think it was a virus and we could rescue nothing. Fortunately I did have a back up hard drive but I had not backed up since late January- so basically four months of images and other work down the drain and I have to get another hard drive. Can't afford to get another computer at this time.My anti virus ware was right up to date as well!

I have signed a acceptance of quote to build a house. But some trees have to be pulled out- anyone want to come and help???? Not quite sure how I am going to do this as I am away from tomorrow for 5 days teaching at Town Stay in Braidwood, NSW. There are still places for Monday and Tuesday of anyone is interested. I rarely teach in NSW or Canberra. We will be doing Tifaifai but I have decided to also include Breaking all the Rules as the fabric supply requirements are the same and I will be bringing some of my hand dyed fabrics. And it is fun to see how differently things come out.


Sue said...

Love how this is developing, it looks as if the village is bathed in moonlight in the photographs, and it's wonderfully rich.

Thrilled with my pomegranites, BTW.

Wish I could come and help but a)it's a bit of a long journey and b) I'm laid up with a virus that just will not go away, and I've lost my voice for nearly 2 weeks now, so I can't even chat!

I'll have to make do with sending my best wishes for easy progress with everything and a big cyberhug for luck.

Unknown said...

I'd love to see the subtle sparkle of this in person. I too am getting a night-time feel from it. Have you considered a wash of color painted over any of the buildings?

Rachel Biel said...

Oh, Dijanne- So sorry about your computer! I keep thinking I need to make copies of my files, too, in case something happens and keep putting it off.

I like how this piece is developing. Hope the house process goes smoothly!

Anonymous said...

I like this feeling of a moonlight in your quilt.
Sorry you lost all your last pics. I often cross my fingers not to have this problem, but not sure it helps !!
I can't help you with your trees, first my lumbago (it still lasts) and then the fact you're living quite opposite my place round the earth; one thing I can do is thinking of you.

Rachel Biel said...

Hi, Dijanne-

My blog was given the Sweet Home Blogger Award. My job is then to pick five others that I like, so I picked yours. I think your work is stunning and thank you for sharing your process!