Sunday, May 04, 2008


Pomegranates 8"x8" ( 20cm square approx) for sale $60US inclusive of postage
Pomegranate postcard ( 4'x6") for sale $27US inclusive of postageSOLD
Hand dyed fabric each piece measures 55 cm x 200cm ( 20"x 117") for sale $60US each inclusive of postage

The weekend has flown and not much work done. Still searching for solutions to my housing problems, which takes up slabs of time when I would much rather be doing other things. I photographed the lichen in my garden- the apple trees seem to be havens for all sorts of woderful lichens- I particularly liked this one because of the coloured discs ( though I did doctor the image a bit). Might have to try that as a bit of free form lace with the valdani threads I have to make samples with- the colours of the threads are somehow so woody and organic.

The other day when I was doing some dyeing outside ,you sort of get into a trance like state- you know what you have to do and you just set to- the process is something so well practised that you really do not need to think about it too much. I started thinking about how some people really measure everything to the nth degree in the dyeing process ( this of course does help you duplicate a particular colour I will freely admit)- but it is also about controlling the process, and whilst I know certain ingredients need to be there to have a result I think I trust to the process rather than control the process- for me trusting it allows more serendipity to happen- you know the basic part will work but allow yourself the lack of control in the utmost detail- and somehow wonderful things emerge out of the dye bath.

Awhile ago Jude from Spirit Cloth bought some hand dyed muslin ( lighter weight and lovely for hand sewing) from me- I also sent her a couple of log cabin blocks- I was really interested to see what she would do with them- her work is quite quite different to mine and yet I love it- for its intrinsic textile process- I also sense a trust in what she does with textile and for me that makes her work really expressive- I wa snot disappointed that's for sure !

And then Rachel from Fiber Focus asked me to write a little about my work ( and maybe again about some other things in the future) for her blog which focuses on all sorts of wonderful textiles- the stuff in her etsy shop is gorgeous- and if I weren't saving every cent for my house that will be built ( one day) I would be her very good customer- anyway I am really grateful to Rachel for featuring some of my work and make sure you check out a lot of the other posts- there are some serious textiles to explore! I am just constantly amazed at how blogs connect people from all over the place.
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jude said...

wow, and thanks for the link....great stuff.... have in mind to use that other gorgeous fabric real soon....i will probably be back for more!

joanlil said...

Love the lichen photo. I think there is a series in that