Friday, May 16, 2008

Autumn Forests

Autumn Forest #1 For Sale $40US inclusive of postage

Autumn Forest #2 For Sale $40 US inclusive of postage SOLD

Autumn Forest#3 For Sale $40US inclusive of postage SOLD
I did some dyeing today and these autumn forest fabrics turned out like real bewdies! Just like the trees in the autumn garden.

The top piece is a little sample I am doing. I think I showed a photo of a Syrian horse rug I bought when in Syria- I really liked the colours and it was all half square triangles. I did think I might make a piece with half square triangles but it is not really me so I have been batting my head against the wall trying to think of some way to still get the effect but do it differently. I tried this little piece today- stitching every other triangle- i also laid on some copper banding- i am still in the thinking stages. Maybe I should just freehand applique hand cut triangles on. I will try that tomorrow but now that I look at the piece on the screen I do quite like it.The copper banding will get some hand stitching over the top in coarse black cotton.

I also spent some time making a portfolio book with Viovio. Has anyone used this company? Their system was quite easy to use and you can also upload your own pdf. Anyway I decided to take the plunge and produce my own book of images to do with the work I am doing for my exhibition. ( Th e postage cost almost more than the book- as I used International express post- I thought it was possible to get prepaid satchels in the US for international post?). I will be interested to see what the quality is like and i deliberately used images of different sizes so that I can see what works and what doesn't in case I do like their system.


Sue said...

I so love those triangles - the colours are so gorgeous and warm.
Please show more as this progresses. Fabulous.

Bernice said...

So attractive Rug Sale with unique designs...

jordiw said...

Send documents and packages worldwide with service to over 190 countries with date-certain service and money-back guarantee for packages sent to select countries: Japan, Hong Kong, China, Republic of South Korea, and Australia.
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That is what the USPS says about international mailers. I can forward something if it would save you a lot..

lyric said...

For anyone looking at her fabric - just want you to know how spectacular it is in person! My package from around the world arrived quickly and Oh My!!! My heart skipped several beats as I opened it right there in the driveway. It's rich and complex and beautiful.

Thank you Dijanne!

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to find your book "72 ways not to stipple or meander". Can you help me please? Sylvia Stanbra

Many thanks