Sunday, June 01, 2008

Creative Arts Safaris!

I spent Friday and Saturday meeting up with Fiona Wright of Creative Arts Safaris to discuss the possibility of my conducting textile tours to far off and wonderful places,some time in the future. Fiona has already been doing this in India and Vietnam with her partner Parveen, exposing enthusiasts to the wonderful textiles and colours of these places as well as the cultural and culinary delights- all with the aim of supporting sustainable communities. Check out the website for the tours they offer, their philosophy, reading lists and lots of other things. I did my masters degree with Fiona ( the distance learning one so I had met Fiona on one of our touching base with supervisors weeks) and we decided that we should meet face to face in order to discuss future global textile treasure seeking, and I am happy to say i shall be doing some tours with them( especially the Middle east and perhaps Africa)- so watch this space as it takes time to get the logistics into place!

Off course I had to share an iconic photo of Sydney- the Sydney Opera House juxtaposed with an old Manly ferry.Isn't the building wonderful?

The stitched piece is a "lichen" sample i have made of Valdani threads for Threadstudio in Perth- these threads are such fun- the 35 weight thread really adds dimension and the lovely subtle variegations reflect nature so well! This piece was inspired by the lichen photo i posted sometime in April.


Unknown said...

I'm so excited for you! Creative Safaris sound right up your alley.

lisette said...

the tours sound fabulous - as is the sample - what did you use for a base? is it fabric or a stabiliser? i love the colours and textures

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic, Dijanne. "Global textile explorer" is my dream job and a key component of my Slow Cloth approach. Glad to see you make it happen -- that means it can happen for me too!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad for you. Middle east would suit you so well.
I love the Sydney Opera building.It makes me think of a ship sailing off.
I have the same question: what did you use as a base for your lichen sample? you said once you didn't like much variegated threads, but these ones seem very nice and not too contrasting.

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful news Dijanne! I really hope you can start soon. As someone else said, it's right up your alley