Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Syrian Lamp

Forest #4 For sale $40 US inclusive of postage
I am not sure what to name this little piece ( any suggestions?)- it is inspired by an antique Syrian lamp I was given in Damascus. It is lino cut printed with transfer dyes onto lutradur and then machine stitched.For sale $U 60 inclusive of postage ( measures approx 8 inches square)

One of the things I usually do a lot of ,is keeping a journal- it is mainly in black and white but these last months I have not felt much inspired to draw let alone write anything. Rhodia have brought out a new Moleskinesque journal and I must admit I would love to have one of these, because not only do I journal but I am also a bit of a fruitcake about collecting journals and fountain pens. Anyway there is some journals offered as a prize at Black Cover and I can't resist throwing my hat in the ring. As to fountain pens- in France it is possible to buy cheapish fountain pens in the stationery section of supermarkets as the fountain pens are used in schools though that seems to be on the decline ( unfortunately and the selection of fountain pens is dwindling). One of the first things i do when I get to France is go to the supermarket and buy a fountain pen with which to write. I do have several Lamy fountain pens and in the 80's converted quite a number of fellow solicitors at theAustralian Government solicitors office to use Lamy's for writing, but sometimes it is possible to pick up a very nice cheap fountain pen in the supermarket!

Today I have to work on the last project for the Lovely Lutradur book which I am writing with Marion Barnett. We hope to have the cd version out by 1 July- so I had better get a wiggle on.If you would like a copy let me know.The cd will retail for 14 pounds sterling- will have a number of different projects and will have quite a bit of eye candy! I am hoping I can find my foiling glue which is packed away with the rest of my studio stuff in a tent. I can't wait to be able to move all of my stuff into the shed!


jude said...

nice. the lamp. i am always at a loss for titles.

Kristin L said...

They still use fountain pens in school (starting with the second grade/class/form) here in Germany as well. The trend though is for something less finicky, given the potential mess that results from the mix of ink and new writers. The rage now is the S'Move by Stabilo -- it's fountain pen ink, but with a more ball-point-esque tip and a comfy grip. Not sure if it would satisfy a fountain pen fetish though.

Barbara said...

Hi Dijanne,
Talking of fountain pens, I still have my old school fountain pen - an Osmiroid - we had to write in Italic!
I absolutely want a copy of your Lovely Lutradur CD. Maybe you could bring it to the Workshop on 25/26 Aug.?
Look forward to seeing you then!

monique 78 said...

Hi Dijanne
one suggestion for your lamp: Aladin Lamp or something in that way.
Yes, fountain pens are on the decline in France; I retired 6 years ago as a teacher and my students didn't use them a lot.
Of course I'd like a copy of your CD but sending from Australia is a bit far. Will you come to Ste Marie aux Mines though you won't teach? We could meet over there or Marion. Or why not let some at Marie Godard's place?

Catherine G 78 said...

Hi Dijanne,
Your lamp is very nice.It's always difficult to give a name ... "syrian lamp" ???
As my friend Monique I'd like to have your CD about lutradur. I'll talk to Monique so that she can buy one for me. Can you give mine to her ??

Aussie Jo said...

What about: Arabian light, lamplight, light the lamp, light the night, nightlight. Hmmm can you tell I'm a teacher. Great shed Dijanne. Are you going to put some rubber matting to stand on, concrete is hard on the legs when you're standing on it all day working???

Joei Rhode Island said...

Hummm.... Maybe... Journey Light.

I think it needs something mysterious and adventuresome. Light to the Past....or Secret lamp..or Light of the Oasis

I guess I see things from Persia and the Middle East as being mysterious and lush in the desert.