Monday, June 23, 2008

Washing Machine Felting

I made some washing machine felt on the weekend- I am still trying to work out how to get something the size I want and the texture I want. This piece I felted onto some light weight dyed muslin. The texture on the back is quite interesting. Now I am running out of the felting wool, but it will have to wait as my car won't start- hope it is nothing too serious but it is a nuisance as I live 22 kms from town. I really need to get a new car but was hoping it would hang in there until I get the daunting house mortgage sorted.

Have also been waiting for the guy to come polish the slab- I had hoped it would be today as once that is dry I can move my working tables back in there and get rolling with all the other quilts I need to make for my exhibition. I am just a little bit over waiting especially with so much work still to be done.

Decided to keep going with the travellers blanket after the encouraging comments. It is like guilty pleasure sitting and hand stitching- I am getting to like it better and I can feel the stories growing as the work grows- there is an awful lot to do.

And I will definitely be going to Ste Marie aux Mines this year - my friend Laura from Trapsuutjies will have a stand in the Centre Commerciale- and I will be helping out as well as selling some embroideries and postcards.There will be a few of us helping out!


jude said...

this piece is my favorite of all times. explain more of how you did this.
...and hope all the other things in your life come together....

lisette said...

the traveller's blanket is so richly beautiful - it looks like visual saga.

and how did you do the washing machine felting? looks like different technique from the one i know

corryna said...

The blanket is so beautiful. I love the simple stitches which bring it all together. Looks good!

I also like the tree above. I am also working on a tree, but mine is so different from yours. You've got a nice own style.

The Idaho Beauty said...

We are very much alike, it seems. I too regard hand stitching as a guilty pleasure. Why is that? Because it is so enjoyable that it's difficult to think of it as work? But work it is, but not drudgery!