Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Forest #1 I metre hand dyed forest fabric $40 US inclusive of postage
Forest #2 $40 US inclusive of postage
Forest #3 $40 US Inclusive of postage- I love the almost cicrcular area in the front- it is like a meeting place in the woods. SOLD
Pomegranates 8 inches square $60 US inclusive of postage ( these fit Ikea shadow boxes) SOLD

Back to the drawing board and making- I am very mindful of the fact that i need to turn stuff over in order to pay for all the work that still needs doing on the shed not to mention building the house. Kristin asked what will happen to my old house- my ex keeps that ,he did not want to move out, so I had to find a way to get a house.I did think of renting, but rentals around my little village are hard to find and rentals in Colac are very expensive, so whilst the whole thing seems at times daunting it is the best solution even though it will take longer. I can't wait to have a design wall though, I have never had one as my workspace has always been small and in the last year miniscule. have also just booked my flight to Europe and as I am teaching late August unfotunately I copped peak season fares for that.

I have had several emails from people asking whether the small pieces are hand or machine stitched and what thread I use. The pieces are all machine stitched often with double thread through my needle. I use rayon machine embroidery threads ( I often get Victory machine rayon threads from Thread Studio in Perth) or I buy the 5000 metre cobs from Embroidery Source in Fairfield Victoria ( You have to be a business to buy from them) I like machine embroidery threads as they have a lovely sheen.

I have been procrastinating what will be my next big piece for my exhibition in Munich. I still have the pomegrante tifaifai's to stitch- but I know what to do with those- and the day village scene, but I need to think of some more work and with everything that's been going on it is hard to be creative.

And i got the loveliest card today- it definitely made me feel a lot better! As a one woman band- or an ABM ( All byMyself- a phrase coined by Fiona Hammond) person you do sometimes fall into dips wondering whether you have got it right or whether what you have to offer inspires people or appeals to people. But then I got this from one of my students at Braidwood; Mary says amongst other things " I find your classes inspiring and stimulating giving me lots of ideas for future projects as well as the two I actually did at the time. You are also encouraging and inclusive- a great teacher. I know that the three friends who came with me were also delighted" If you read my blog Mary thank you for taking the time to write in the old fashioned way with lovely card and thank you for making my day!

I have two teen birthdays coming up next week- how fast the time goes!


Anonymous said...

Dear Dianne,

For someone "All by Yourself" you do wonderfully well, and You must have down times I realize.

I have one of your peices of work and daily it brigtens my day, and inspires me to get on and do some of my own creating instead of procastinating.

Hope you have your studio and house up and running sooner than you think.


Robin said...

Your forest pieces are absolutely wonderful, especially the one in the header of your blog.