Monday, June 02, 2008

Braidwood and Deep Forests

Deep Forest #1 For Sale $40US inclusive of postage
Deep Forest #2 For Sale $40 US inclusive of postage

These were some of the results of the workshops I taught in Braidwood. The first image is of a quilt made by Carmel last year, which she brought to show us on Saturday.It is so lovely seeing pieces well onto the way to being finished. I love the detailing she has done with the gum blossoms which balances in a lovely way with the fineness of her design. The other is of fig leaves by Mary ( Mary came to the workshop last year and this year as well and brought friends with her) and as you can see she has put her own spin on how the design was laid out with great results.

I have to prepare all my stuff to take to Adelaide for workshops starting on Thursday this week. I had hoped some white fabric I had ordered last week would arrive today so i could dye more fabric- but it didn't and tomorrow I am busy as I have to drive my father and his partner to the Women's Hospital in Melbourne ( which will take all day)It will take all day to drive to Adelaide on Wedensday so unfortunately I won't be dyeing any more fabric .It is one of the down sides of living in the country- everything has to be sent ( or picked up) and you are reliant on deliveries etc arriving in a timely matter. At least all my dyeing stuff arrived today!

And my lichen sample was worked on romeo a water soluble material( I can't find my other water soluble stuff I use as it is packed away somewhere) . I snipped lots of fabric laid it between two layers then worked the stitching over the top. As Monique noted I am not a wild fan of variegated threads, but the Valdani variegations are usually in the same colour family and subtle- so I do like these threads a lot.

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