Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hand Dyed Fabric

Hot Fire Strips #1 55cmx 3metres $60 US SOLD
Hot Fire Strips 55 cms x 2metres $40 US SOLD
Teapots #3 $60 US
Teapots #4 $60US

The day started awfully slowly, it's hard to find enthusiasm some days with all the background stuff going on. The guy who was going to lay the slab hasn't shown any sign of coming and doing it and meanwhile the weather has turned quite cold.I have also been working on the commission- I will show some pics soon- it took a lot of procrastinating today0 the intention had been to use one piece of the pebble dyed silk I have been making- but I ended up using three different ones- which surprised me but the colours worked really well- so now I need to think about stitching....

I dyed the stripey pieces of cloth today too- seems red likes the cold- because these are really rich and wonderful- I think they are amongst the best dyeing I have done. They are long pieces so that adds to the definition of the stripes. And I made two mor eteapot pieces- at least I kept to my plans for day 2! I also got a lovely parcel from Dale from Downunder Threads- some iridescent shiva sticks and valdani threads-I am running up some samples for her- so I can actually allow myself some play time. One of the students in my class in paris had an iridescent shiva stick and we did some fun things with it- so I am looking forward to having a play with them and trying out a few odds and pieces.

Oh and I forgot to mention when I posted pics of the pomegranate tree of life tifaiafai- I will be teachign Tifaifai at Braidwood ,NSW later this month- 2 x2 day workshops from 24-27 May. This really is a fun class and last year they made some wonderful pieces- you will be encouraged to make your own design , but I shall also have patterns for use.If you are interested let me know and I shall put you in touch with the organiser.
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