Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Village scene

I have been forcing myself to do something in the hope of finding something ! I redid the village scene, and added in much more detailing which I had in the original drawing. I like this version much better than the version I showed previously. I haven't decided how I will colour it- dye painting would be one option, but then I like the randomness of just dyeing it in the ordinary way and seeing what happens- there is a bit of control possible of colour placement- and would add to the "feel" whereas to dye paint would make it much more orderly - and really like a colouring in picture.Just ruminating about this has helped me decide- now I have to wait for the textile printing ink to dry so I can set it. This piece measures 110cm x 135 cm. I am looking forward to quilting it- as I can see lots of possibilities for texture.

The second photo is some breakdown printing I did awhile ago- inspired by motifs I drew when visiting the Museum in Damascus- these were actually designs on the cloak of a sculpture of Ibbit Lim of Ebla dating back to 1900BC. The designs were quite free form- and very fresh. I must admit the original breakdown print I made did not have enough definition ( see the top of the photo)- but using the textile printing ink to trace around the edges of the design has given it the oomph that it needed- now I have to decide whether I like the colours- hmmm...
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Magic Cochin said...

I love your village line drawing Dijanne - it's got real passion!

I see it in shades of indigo with silver stars.


smarcoux said...

I simply must come over to visit you ... and you have one of my favourite flowers in your garden.... I also like the imperial fratillera as well.

Our embroiderers guild is going to norfolk APRIL 19th fancy tagging along?
It looks like a very good and interesting and exhibition and costs £2 admission. It has been featured in The Embroiderers Magazine. There is an excellent cafe and loads of very interesting paintings and pots to see as well.
Some people will make their own way there but it is very easy to reach by public transport.
The train leaves Cambridge Station at 10.12 and stops in Ely at 10.26 and arrives in Norwich at 11.30
. There are frequent buses from the Station to the Sainsbury Centre.

marion said...

If you don't like the colours, dear heart, I'll have it!