Friday, April 25, 2008

One Blue Forest and Three Black Forests

Blue Forest
Black Forest #1 SOLD
Black Forest #2
Black Forest#3 SOLD

Going away overnight to my mothers- early mothers day and to have another look at a house we have been looking at at Alternate Dwellings ( does anyone out there have any experience with these builders/kithomes?) I have packed up most of my stuff that was stored in the shed- ready for the slab but now of course I haven't heard anything from the guy who was going to do it- and I am loathe to pack away the things I have been working with and my printing table. After all I need somewhere to work otherwise I can't earn a living- as it is I am working in a corner of the room that belongs to my youngest daughter, so only space for the sewing machine and little else, plus the natural light is not good which is hard when your work is all about colour and light- so no design wall, not even space to really gauge how things look- thank goodness for my digital camera which enables you to see so much. So I really need that slab laid so I can at least have a space to work!

Anyway my daughter and I are going via the Ian Potter Gallery- to find some inspiration and then picking up eldest daughter at Fed Square after the Anzac day Football match that she's gone to with her boyfriend.

Here are some more hand dyed forests- they are for sale at $40US each inclusive of postage and I can take Paypal.
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