Thursday, April 17, 2008


I am still doing the books- I use a spreadsheet and mucked up one of the columns today in such a way that I had to start over- so frustrating. So no sewing done, nothing creative. Anyway I am getting there.

And it looks like the slab for my shed may be laid next week- at least I can move all my work things in there and set it up properly instead of forever seacrhing for things that I know I have stuck in one box or another. I may also get rid of some of my fabrics- the ones I bought before hand dyeing and even some of the early hand dyed pieces. I will have to work out how I go about doing that.Once the slab is in there it can be lined with insulation and it may become my abode until the house is built.

And this mushroom appeared under the birches at the front of our propert- they always look so delightful and are a real sigh that autumn is here.
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Kristin L said...

Things should be looking up now -- the toadstool (Fliegenpilz) is a good luck symbol in Germany. :-)

jude said...

i have never seen a mushroom like that for real. i expect gnome to appear any minute.