Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More teapots

Teapots SOLD
I have been sewing today- finally- after being disappointed with a piece of polewrapped silk I did for the commission piece I am doing- I am still undecided whether to use it or have another go. I did more teapots and these are ultimately destined for my exhibition later this year. One of the problems with creating work for a solo exhibition is that you need to make a lot of work, but you actually cannot sell anything as you go along because you need the work for the exhibition. This is a real downside as an artist because your clash flow crashes and yet you have expenditure and material costs. So in an attempt to have a bit of cash flow happening I am going to try and make two of these smaller pieces a day for the next 50-60 days with the idea that one is for sale , but which one is your choice. They are designed to fit into an Ikea shadow box and measure 8 1/4 ( approx 20 cm) square. The cost of each piece is $60 US inclusive of postage. They will only be for sale for one week. The pomegranate card is also for sale - it measures postcard size and costs $27US.

Someone in the comments to my previous post mentioned what if you the artist had failed in what it was you had stated was your intent? The audience always has that option-viewers always bring their own standpoints and influences to whatever they look at , so that is the risk you as artist take in exhibiting your work. It also helps you be self critical - does the piece work , did it meet my intentions and when you exhibit you can't just exhibit any old thing- it needs to work with all the other pieces and the space and the general ambience- sometimes something you might have set out to make will not fit the exhibition.

Had a bleak day yesterday with a bank- sometimes its the pits being an artist no matter how much your imagination soars- the nitty gritty is that mortar and bricks need to be paid for, and not eveyrone views your ability to do so from the standpoint of what you might do. So much of what I do is based in forward planning- even teaching is booked up a year or more ahead- and exhibitions too- I am preparing for another exhibition in 2010- sitting down and working out what I might make for it. I am also planning another book- maybe on the creative process- but there seem to be quite a few books out there covering that territory so I have to think about point of difference- what new thing can I bring to the that format. A lot of what ifs with little currency!
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Mai-Britt Axelsen said...

Those teapots are just beautiful. Good luck with the exhibition, please post pictures - the thought of a solo exhibition makes me break into sweat....... I guess I'm not ready for that yet.

Cheryl said...

These works are so wonderful.