Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Autumn Forests

Autumn Forest #1
Autumn Forest #2 SOLD
Autumn Forest #4 SOLD
Autumn Forest #4 SOLD

Gee thanks to you all for the positive support- it made me feel much better- I still have some writing of the classes to do- which I will do after this.And I delivered the taxes to the accountant- yay!! now it's in his hands.

I had to dye a reds and orange for an internet acquaintance of many years it the US, and as she has had a couple of bad falls and not been travelling so well, I wanted to make them my very best reds and oranges. I know I mentioned that I thought chlorine was really affecting the reds- so I dyed today with rain water- which I boiled to get the temperature right. The reds and oranges were much better and more vivid, but whilst I was at it I thought I would do some more forest pieces. I think I am going to have to get a big urn because the colours are good- really good! and the patterning on the top and bottom is beautiful- in fact they are pretty sensational and I made them myself! :-) They are for sale for $40 US inclusive of postage( they measure 100x 110 cms) and I can be paid via Paypal.

Someone did say it's good to try new things and that is true, it's always good to tread somewhere unknown, but I also think there is a lot of stuff out there which I don't think adds much to the work that I see. I guess it is also a matter of work being unresolved- a lot of techniques but somehow not complete as a work in itself- these pieces shouldn't be exhibited - they are in the nature of test pieces and should stay that way. I must admit though, I haven't got a lot of technique books on my shelves- a few, most of them are about textile or art.
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Sue Bleiweiss said...

These pieces are fantastic.

Celia Hart said...

Hi Dijanne

I've just passed on the Arte y Pico award to 5 more inspiring blogs

Best wishes

Joanne in Canada said...

If your hostesses could import some bleach pens from the U.S., you could have a lot of fun with them.

Heartwideopen said...

I'm interested in buying the #3 forest art. I'm not sure how to get a hold of you. I can pay via paypal.
Your work is fabulous!
Debi M