Monday, April 07, 2008

Forest Fire?

Forest Fire I SOLD

Forest Fire II SOLD
Forest Fire III

The other day when I was dyeing, my reds weren't as successful as usual yet these forest pieces came out really well. I can really see this being worked with light and bright threads. They are of course for sale for $40US inclusive of postage.

I have had another shocking day with no work done and lots of anxiety. I was rung by the Child Protection Authority to tell me my middle troubled daughter had run away and she was last seen at the train station- this was after they had allowed her to stay at the home of a person I had specifically asked them not to place her due to a history that concerned me. She has been found- apparently she had not actually take the train but I have no further information. All of this is so upsetting for my other two children- and with everything else going on I feel like finding a little hobbit hole and just sleeping for a month and find I have made two or three large quilts which are in my head but which I can't get to and that my house is built. The last two weeks have been school holidays so that interferes with work and just when I thought I could see some space and I had some ideas this happens to rock the equilibrium. The other thing I wish is that these people would actually listen to the things I have been telling them!
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Anonymous said...

Oh, Dijanne
My heart goes out to well as good thoughts that this will pass with a positive outcome.
Keep your feet on the ground and be steady.
I would love to be able to bring you a lovely cup of tea and a strong shoulder to lean on.

Rhode Island

Frances said...

Dijanne warm thoughts winging their way to you, take care and thinking of you, Frances,

Shirley Goodwin said...

Sending good vibes your way, Dijanne.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dijanne,
I am so sorry to read of your further upset with your daughter. Those around mental illness always seem to be secondary to the actual sufferer and it is so unfair.
sending you a big hug,
Karen in Coolamon

Helen Suzanne said...

really sorry to hear of your upset Dijanne. My heart leapt as I read. I hope things turn out well.

Of course this is less than relevant to you given the circumstances but I have passed on an award to you on my blog for inspiring the creative www.
take care
Helen S