Sunday, July 17, 2005


Quilt Top
This morning when i walked into my work room I was in a nothing mood- but then I looked at the fabrics I had tossed onto a pile- well actually draped ( I usually drape them because I like to look at them)- and suddenly I could see a quilt top there. Since being home I have been thinking river, and then for the Rhythm and Blues quilt I was thinking Cry Me a River- but of course that is blues, and not Rhythm and Blues- so the river thought has been floating aorund in the back of my mind for a couple of weeks now.I am still thinking of appliqueing tie dyes onto the deep blue streaked bit of fabric to balance the other tie dyes, but I have run out of Vliesofix ( Bondaweb).I use rolls of it for my work, so it is a nuisance to have run out. The tie dyes remind me of drying up water holes, and all the other pieces of fabric were made with water in mind but at various different times. I also needed to make a new quilt for Two By Two which will be shown at the Vic Quilters Showcase the week after next, and so I think I shall be able to use this one.


mary m. said...

Gorgeous, warm colors!

cfent said...

i love this one!!!!!