Monday, July 25, 2005

ATC Artist Trading Cards

More Stitching

Another background I have stitched to create Artist trading cards ( ATC's) - I think this one will actually work better for little cards if I cut across the stripes and I am not as attached to this one as the previous one. This will be cut smaller into 2 1/2" by 3 1/2 cards, so I have no idea what they will look like.

I had a wonderful time at the retreat that I taught at on the weekend. Caught up with many old friends, made some new ones and enjoyed the whole atmosphere of the Afficiando Retreat which is extremely well organised by Geelong Quilters and the co-ordinator for the retreat Judy Gordon. And for one of my students of the retreat here is the link to the Handweavers Studio in London from which I buy some of my hand stitching/quilting threads( they are weaving threads but are really nice to hand sew with).Posted by Picasa


Pat's Place said...

Diane, I really admire your work and would like to 1.) trade FiberArt cards (4x6") with you and/or 2.) purchase your hand-dyed fabric piece entitled "Forest II."
Please contact me if you are interested!
Pat in NJ

Anonymous said...

Thanks Diane, I am going to blame the heat index of 104 degrees here in the US Midwest for not catching onto the ATC acronym. They look great! Keep going. let us know if you want to trade. Love your pictures of Nelson and the earlier ones of the Kukaburra (sp). Brings back memories. It is the smell of the Jacarand (sp) trees in Nov that I remember most. Khat

Sonji Hunt said...

Everything looks absolutely goregeous. All the texture and color together. It's a whirlwind of superfantasticness!