Thursday, July 21, 2005

Dyeing Today

Dyeing fabric
I am waiting for the fog to lift and the sun to come out so I can do some more dyeing. I did about 60 metres yesterday and am now in the process of washing it all, as I am teaching this weekend and students wanted some of my hand dyed fabric. Yesterday i did warm colours and some darks- today the blues purples and greens. I am always intrigued by how other people dye with Procion MX Cold Water Reactive dyes, but am surprised when people buy premixed colours. I use a base of about nine colours, mix my own greens and use a base brown which I always add other colours to because on its own it's a pretty yuk colour.Other than that I use the black which is a mixed colour but all the others are what I call pure colours ( though the yellow MX2RA is a mixed colour- its a pretty saffron colour)

Thanks to Sharon of In A Minute Ago who picked up on my comment regarding Arts Funding and the requirement that funding can only be given to orgaisations when touring and curating. She suggested writing to the top- so I am wondering who should I write to? I am also wondering are there other independent curators out there or am I the only silly one? And another point I think is that there is so much funding to new media ,digital media which is great but it seems, the powers that be, have not caught up with the fact that this is happening at a base level too- that the internet allows you to make quick and immediate connections with galleries and organisers the other side of the world and that you do not need an organisation to do this. Also I have found that by producing catalogues galleries and other bodies accept that I can bring what I say I will bring.Why can't funding bodies do the same? Posted by Picasa


Elle said...

I think that this photo of all your dyed fabric lined up is a cool shot.

Anonymous said...

I love Procion dyes and I too mix my own colours but it's too cold here to play in cold water until at least November and then I go into overdrive until April next year.I love the creativity of dyeing as much as I love patchwork and quilting.I would love to go further and make it a career but as a single women I have to work to support my art.Keep up the good work.Christine Colley Bathurst