Friday, July 15, 2005

Gone french Knottie Dottie Today

The Whole Piece
I have to make two quilts 20 inches by 24 inches for an exhibition I am organising with Mary Andrews of The Fiber Connection. I have been slow starting and did paint a piece with the intent of using it as a whole cloth. Our inspiration is Australia. I found the piece I painted too busy somehow, so I overlaid it with some scrim I dyed last year and tore holes in the scrim. I stitched around the holes in straight stitch and then got carried away doing French knots- I think there is about another days worth of those to go in..... what did I start.

Until 4 years ago I rarely did handwork, though as a teenager I did loads of embroidery. However a couple of years someone did something that made me so mad I want to stick pins in a doll- I then thought about this for a night and decided I couldn't live with myself if something happened to this person, so I started hand quilting again- I tell you the first foot of hand quilting was a pin in that persons ohh la la each time ( and with gusto I might add lol)- and then I started enjoying it, and now always have a piece of handwork on the go. So in a sense I ought to be grateful... and maybe I am.Posted by Picasa


Beth Robinson said...

It's gorgeous. I love the color moving across the scrim and modulated by the swirls underneath. As much as I love and do hand work I had to empathize with the "what was I thinking" comment regarding executing that many french knots, but they really work well as an accent and echo to the pools.

Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

It's definitely a WoW! piece and I love the story of how you returned to handwork.

Mary Andrews said...

What a great piece, the French knots a perfect. I used a lot of them in my piece too.