Sunday, July 10, 2005

Just Back From Nelson

I have posted pictures of some of the things we saw and did in Nelson for the last four days.

I will write longer tomorrow but firstly I wanted to say my most heartfelt sympathy to everyone in Britain, who have sat through the horror and tragedy of the last few days- such an attack strikes at everyone's sense of vunerability no matter whether you have suffered a personal loss- everyone has suffered a loss- one less place to trust in the world.

It almost seems banal to post photos of such peacefulness compared with the mayhem in London. The beaches on the Southern Ocean were stunning- miles of view with not a single other human being and the waves rolling in and the flotsam and jetsam of ocean washings on the beach- we walked and walked. We also visited a limestone cave- Princess Margaret Rose Cave- which was just beautiful- it was like walking into an enchanted forest- everything so close that it was almost too tempting not to stroke your hand along the stalacmites. We fished , and caught some and ate some and brought some home. We made a beach scouring sculpture- we saw kangaroos a plenty and emus ( emus stand about as high as a man and are a large flightless bird similar in size to an ostrich) and the air was sparkling and fresh .Posted by Picasa

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