Saturday, July 02, 2005

Facing Reality

Journal entry for today
I had to admit to myself today that despite all my best intentions I was not going to get the Rhythm and Blues thing done. For a start I did some more dyeing- and because it is so cold and because I was working with urea on silk really, weird washed out things happened ( this doesn't happen when I use salt and soda on cotton, but you can't use soda on silk). So instead I started a new journal- I usually work in A4 ( legal paper ) format , or square but decide I would see how I could work in an A3 size with the intent that i work larger. Instead I made three drawings,so still not working larger really, oh well.
The fabric postcard I made whilst in Europe- the sunny symbol is based on an adinkra symbol and the two curved shapes often represent two people meeting in aboriginal art- a mixture of pictorial metaphors- I don't know who the three dots are- maybe my children???Posted by Picasa

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