Thursday, July 14, 2005


Painting Another River
I spent yesterday and today making some paintings of a landscape looking from above. I find it fascinating looking out the plane window and seeing below- the landscape looks so different then what it does when you are viewing it from the horizontal viewing plane. The first one I tried to do in Australian colours, but I did not like it very much- the dynamics somehow didn't work- I don't know. The second one I like better though I am still not satisfied, but I will continue with it. When you machine stitch the lines of the shape they sort of become trapunto-like, which adds another dimension and in the areas where there are no scribbles I thought I would rough hand stitch in contrasting threads. These pieces are relatively big- about 32 inches wide and 50 inches long. I need to have one finished for VictorianQuilters Showcase - our big state quilt event, as I curated an exhibition Two by Two which will be shown there in the last weekend of July. This exhibition also travelled to England , but one of the quilts I had in that show I left in the Netherlands for the exhibition at Dreamline, with Annelies Elburg in August.Posted by Picasa

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