Tuesday, July 12, 2005


The Entrance to St Gervais Basilica

I had hoped to post a photo of the print I did of a lino-cut I made today, but I ran out of time. So instead I am posting a photo of the St Gervais Basilica in Maastricht because the entrance reminds me of the Princess Margaret Rose Cave- the layers and folds.

Today has been one of those hopping exciting kind of days. I found out I shall be going to Libya after all with Across Australia. I am very excited about this because for one or another strange reasonLlibya has been on my want to see list for quite some years. I read some time ago an article about indigo dyeing at some place in Libya ( unfortunately i cannot remember the name of the oasis- wish I did) but it is enough to ignite my curiousity.Posted by Picasa

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