Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Small Steps

I  seem to have been treading water and feel as if nothing has been achieved, but when I review the days since I last wrote I seem to have done more than I thought:

I finished an article on working with Print Fuse and Solufix for Down Under Textiles ( it will appear in March next year). I love the shape of this tree which has been inspired by an olive tree at Pont du Gard at Nimes- this is such a a gnarled old tree that it begs the question of -how old it is? Did it witness Roman slaves building the bridge? I have stitched it  onto khadi cloth.

I have hand stitched solid for a week now on a piece called Gilgamesh's horse blanket, originally it did not have hand stitching- just as well the cricket proved to be vaguely interesting. But what a difference the stitching makes!

I hand stitched one of the stone figures form the Porte Royale at Chartres. The stitching on the khadi paper almost becomes writing- I find the faces of these figures very intriguing- this is to some extent my take on illuminated manuscripts.

I received the latest issue of Down Under Textiles which features an article about my work- it is always lovely to see your work in print.

I have been trying to sort out my things and found an unfinished fire piece which I finished, It measures  50cm wide  x 34 cm long ( A3) size and is for sale for $50 AUS inclusive of postage. The  holes in the background have been made by burning holes in the fabric.SOLD

I went to my mothers and did some much needed work around her  garden as she has been unwell these last months and could not do the heavier work ( sadly it needs doing in my own garden and I haven't got around to that)

All good positive stuff however my printer has now decided to become belligerent and not print, I have even tried manually cleaning the print head- it's annoying little dilemna- I use a printer a lot but don't really want to buy a new one so shortly before going overseas, but do need to print off some things using Inkaid and I don't want to run that through a  friends printer. And then yesterday the wooden table which an acquaintance gave to me two years ago  and on which I do all my printing etc, in the sunroom collapsed and cannot be repaired. I know the universe is helping me  clear out stuff which is not worth storing- but hey I need that work table for awhile longer!

I shall be starting another  Travellers' Blanket On-line  class on 10 January 2014- if you are interested please email me and I can send you an information sheet


Robbie said...

Congrats on your article!! It's wonderful more and more folks will see your work and hear your words!!!

Jeana Marie said...

The dark thread on the Khadi cloth works really well, I also love the stitched stone figure.g. Congrats on the article! J x

Jeana Marie said...

(Autospell mishap!)

Lyn Weeks said...

The fabric for the gnarly tree is a perfect background I think.

Margaret Cooter said...

Love those rows of simple stitches beside the figure - and I can totally understand how it becomes "almost like writing"!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Yeah - I hate it when the universe gets too helpful - lol! Yes, you really have been busy. The tree is most interesting. It's reminding me I need to get back to my linocut lessons. ;-)