Friday, December 06, 2013

Older Work For Sale

As promised older work for sale at seriously discounted prices. As i worked through these photos I  realised that selling the older work also has to do with a catharthic process- of moving on and facing a new as yet to be ascertained future- however it does involve textiles and art and stitch. The last 7 years have been far from happy for me, and people sometimes tell me I say too much on my blog, but I can't pretend and I also feel that whatever has happened has matured me as an artist, especially as the universe has chosen that I must continue on with creating textile art. I also realised that the  "down" cycle started  7 years ago and if you believe in  such cycles then the next 7 should be much better- so onward and forward!

I am going to start with the bigger more expensive pieces first. Measurements are in centimeters and currency is in Australian dollars. If you need to work out what the cost is in your currency , I use CXE Currency Converter

Postage is an additional cost to the price listed. It is $25 AUS for the large pieces and $ 7.50 for pieces under 50cm square. Email me if you are interested in buying anything. I can be paid with Paypal ( just contact me and I will give you details) or by internet banking or cheque if you are in Australia.

Some of the quilts do not look straight but it was windy when I photographed them early this morning, making them look slightly skewiff especially the softer ones.

50cm x 120cm
tie dyed silk entirely hand stitched. The hand dyed silk reminded me of the myriad little worlds one encounters on the Great Barrier Reef.
$350.00AUS plus postage

Hellfire XIX
 123 cm x 123 cm
Hand dyed cotton, burning, machine and hand stitched
The last of my hellfire series which I made in 2006. I don't remember whether I was in a rush or what, but I have spent the last  few days hand stitching around the tie dyed circles and adding extra machien stitching- with the end result that it finally looks finished and I like it much much better.
$350.00 AUS plus postage

Banksias In My Garden SOLD
101 cm x 120 cm
Hand dyed cotton, hand printed cotton, hand painted lutradur and cotton, machine stitched
This quilt was included int eh Across Australia travelling exhibition and has been exhibited in the Netherlands, Libya, Egypt,Syria, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Israel, the Palestinian Territory, Australia and I can't remember where else. It languished for awhile in my cupboard because I had machine quited the area behind the tree with zigzag stitch which had the effect of pulling in the fabric too much. I recently undid all the zigzag quilting and requilted it with lines which makes it look much better!
$250.00AUS plus postage

Red Sentinelle Threesome
105 cm x 110 cm
Hand dyed and painted fabrics, hand printed  central panel, machine stitched
Those of you familiar with my sentinelle work will see that the sentinelle image is slightly different to the one I have been using recently- it was the first linocut I made of the sentinelle figure and I only used it about a dozen times before  making another.
$250.00 AUS Plus postage

African Travellers' Blanket
74 cm x 122 cm
Hand dyed muslin, purchased fabric from the market in Bangui , central African republic
This was the first  Travellers Blanket I made- I used fabrics I had purchased in Africa in 1990 and hand dyed the background. I want a soft feel for  this piece so it consists of three layers of hand dyed true muslin. It is heavily hand stitched! Exhibited at Northart in New Zealand
$300.00 AUS plus Postage

Otway Green Traveller s Blanket
96cmx118 cm
Hand dyed muslin, and bunf, entirely hand stitched
Once I had stitched my first Travellers' Blanket  I started on another- there is something so soothing about hand stitching . This one is inspired by the green of the Otways and then the hot heat of summer! This one looks as if it is crooked , but it is not- it's the softness of the fabric and the wind that is causing it to ripple.
$325.00 AUS plus Postage

In the Spirit of Decoration SOLD
80 cm x 130 cm
Hand dyed fabric, hand printed, machine embroidered and stitched, recycled candle holders

I made this piece inspired by  fabric   i found in a Museum in Damascus. The paisley design so popular in the  26th and 17 th centuries. I called the piece in the spirit of decoration mainly as a kind poke in the eye to some people who think I merely make decorations- which is perfectly fine with me because ultimately textile is the ultimate and most marvellous form of decoration!
$250.00AUS plus postage
Childhood Memories- Billabong Creek SOLD
50cm x 125 cm
Hand dyed silk , machine and Hand stitched
At one stage I had intended to make a whole series of  this creek and river inspired pieces, but somehow I ran out of steam.  The Billabong  Creek was where all children in Jerilderie swam until t they built the pool. At times we could not swim because of the fear of hepatitis and the water would run thick and black
$300.00 AUS plus postage

Eye Idols of Tel Brak
100 cm x 140 cm
Hand painted fabric, foiling machine stitched.
$275.00 AUS plus postage

 89 cm x 111cm
Hand dyed cottons, machine embroidered masks, guinea fowl feathers, machine quilted

This piece was made for my first solo exhibition entitled Asante Sana Africa in 1996 when I had three children under the age of 6. We traveled in Africa in 1990 and it changed my life in more ways then I can say. It started my route to fabric and textile. We encountered many masks and I machine embroidered the masks and matched them with fabrics that had faces emerging out of the hand dyed fabric.
$200.00AUS plus postage

You Toucan Tri-angles
90cm x 90 cm
Hand dyed, machine applique and stitched

Early on in my quilting career I made this design into a kit- I sold a few kits, but decided that kits wan't the way to go!
$50.00AUS plus postage

Tifaifai Apples- positive image SOLD
57 cm x 100cm
Hand dyed cottons, machine stitched
$60.00 AUS plus postage

 Tifaifai Apples -negative image SOLD
57 cm x 100cm
Hand dyed cottons, machine stitched
$60.00 AUS plus postage

Rock Pool 
49cm x 59 cm
Hand dyed and painted cotton, entirely hand stitched and with a serious amount of colonial knots- I am still adding accents
$100.00 AUS plus postage.

Small Pieces ( postage cheaper):
I won't give  very extensive descriptions for these- if you would like to know more email me.

X-Stitch #1- inspired by Syrian cross stitch SOLD
28cm x 37 cm
Hand dyed cotton, transfer painted lutradur, hand stitched
$35.00 AUS plus postage

X-Stitch #2-inspired by Syrian cross stitch SOLD
28cm x 37 cm
Hand dyed cotton, transfer painted lutradur, hand stitched
$35.00 AUS Plus postage

X-Stitch #3- inspired by Syrian cross stitch SOLD
28cm x 37 cm
Hand dyed cotton, transfer painted lutradur, hand stitched
$35.00 AUS plus postage

Eye Doodle
Hand dyed fabric and , raw machine applique machine stitched
60 cm x 57 cm
$50.00 AUS plus postage

Small Sentinelle
44cm x 59 cm
Hand dyed and hand printed cotton, machine stitched
$50.00 AUS plus postage

Southern Stars  SOLDOLD
28cm x 40 cm
Transfer printed lutradur , machine and hand stitched.
$35.00 AUS plus postage

Magnolia- from my book Tifaifai Renaissance
 70 cm x 70 cm
Hand dyed cotton, applique
$50,00 AUS plus postage

Big Bang
 49 cm x 49 cm
Hand dyed cottons, machine stitched
$45,00 AUS plus postage

River Delta #1 - a series of work I did about waterways.SOLD
Hand dyed and printed fabric, hand stitched
 28 cm x 33cm
$35.00 AUS plus postage

River Delta #2 - a series of work I did about waterways. SOLD
Hand dyed and printed fabric, hand stitched
 28 cm x 33cm
$35.00 AUS plus postage

Landscape- River bend SOLD
26 cm x 26 cm
Transfer painted lutradur , machine stitched
$25.00 AUS plus postage

Paisley SOLD
20cm x 28 cm
Transfer painted lutradur, machine stitched
$25.00 AUS plus postage

There will be one or two more coming in the next day when I can find the images.....


Shirley Goodwin said...

May the next 7 years bring you more happiness and creative enrichment. I regret I can't buy anything due to my precarious financial position

Margaret Ball said...

Beautiful pieces!Fortunately for my bank account,the ones I love best
and might could afford are already SOLD. So I'll just sit back and enjoy the eye candy, and hope your next seven years are as creative (and less stressful)

cherryadelina said...

Excellent !
All of them are masterpieces of art.

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