Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Good Intentions and all That!

I feel like I have been away on the Tardis for two weeks- to outer space and back again the time has simply disappeared from my mindscape! The Geelong Patchworkers & Quilters Guild exhibition has been and gone ( with set up and break down that took 6 days of my time)- I wish I could share some photos but as there were signs up stating that photography was allowed for personal use only I did not feel I could share any on social media.  Thank you to my wonderful and stellar committee  ( Lyn Weeks, Judith Oke, Judy Bubb, Nicola Picken, Glenys Russell, and Marilyn Davidson) for making the experience a most enjoyable one and for all your hard work. By all accounts the exhibition looked terrific!

 My youngest daughter had her valedictory dinner ( and now it is the anxious wait for the ATAR score). My car has gone into the repair shop to have the prang damage repaired ( thank goodness the other guy had insurance so I  did not have to claim it on my own insurance) but it does mean I am without a car for some time. I did talk the insurance company into  giving me a hire car but I had to  pay a bond deposit and because I have an 18 year old driving that was a substantial sum and well beyond my means, so legs work too I guess, and buses and trains. I wrote an article  for  the March 2014 issue of Downunder Textiles and  had a sharp learning curve on a Macbook . My eldest daughter sold me her old one when my  laptop died and I have always had PC's. I have also found I need to get a better filing system and that I need to name files more succinctly- trying to find things on my back-up hard drive has been interesting to say the least!

I did manage to enter a quilt in One Step Further this year and to my surprise  won a Judge's Choice Award- thank you to Unique Stitching for the prize!I had entered my Travellers Blanket with Circles, which i changed after it came back from the UK. The One Step Further Exhibition is on at Oak Hill Gallery at Mornington.

The piece to the top right is by Jill Galvin who won Best Small Quilt award. I failed to record  by whom the bottom quilt on the right was- my apologies.

And I have managed to make some new small works for sale. And I am offering postage included in the lead up to Christmas.

A Coqueclicot panel measuring  20 cm square- hand painted transfer onto lutradur, machine stitched $45AUS  SOLD

I am trying to sort through all my things in preparation for storing everything come the end of January 2014 ( when I will become homeless unless the universe decides otherwise). I found one of  my  coral panels printed on lutradur and decided to stitch it up ( the linocut I used for these got damaged so is no longer viable). I made quite a few of these in  2006/07  and one is on the cover of Ravissant Lutradur a book I wrote with Marion Barnett. The panel is about 22 cm square and the price is $45 AUS

I also found a lutradur printed panel of a sentinelle which I decided to machine stitch it rather than hand stitch- it measures 17 cm x 45 cm. The price is $65 AUS. Email me if you would like to purchase any of these pieces.

I will also be having another Fire Sale of my work next weekend- Friday 5 December- 6 December- when I shall be offering some of my work at seriously discounted prices. I have to store things when I leave this house and am trying to minimise the amount of space I need things to take up! I would rather someone enjoyed a piece rather than it being stuck in a box.

I will make a page of works for sale which I shall put on my blog on Friday at around noon EAT ( eastern standard time)

And because a number of people have asked me I shall be commencing another Travellers' Blanket on-line class in 2014, starting on January 10 ,2014 once some of the celebrating calms down and life goes back to sort of normal! Let me know if you are interested. I am currently writing another ad -on  lesson to add onto the notes I have already  made for the class in the past.


Jennifer S. said...

I AM INTERESTED in the Traveler's Blanket online class. :)
Jennifer Schultz

Cda00uk said...

Iam interested in the Traveller's blanket on line class also.

queenstef said...

I to am interested in the class but will be away from the end of Jan. to 10th of Feb. What is the length of the class. I like your work a lot.

Dijanne Cevaal said...

Hi all- if you are interested in joining the travellers blanket class email me and I shall send more information- my email is dcevaalatgmaildotcom.