Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Exhausted and Miles to go before I Sleep

It's been a very full on week or two these past few weeks. I am trying to get as much sewing done as possible but  life also goes on. My father turned 80 but most of his  80th birthday we spent at the hospital waiting to find out whether they would operate his bowel cancer that was diagnosed the week before last, because he also has a heart condition which  has been  quadruple bypassed some years ago- so anxious waiting time but they have decided to go ahead- the operation happens whilst I am overseas, so that has created it's own problems as my fathers' partner is no longer able to look after herself properly- thankfully a respite assessment had just come in, and their dogs also need looking after.I cannot believe how much time you have to spend waiting at hospitals despite the fact that they make appointments which always seem to run at least 2 hours behind .

Unfortunately i can't afford not to go overseas, because I am living on air at the moment, so it will be with a heavy heart that I go. Then my mother  moaned  I had not seen her in ages ( it's about a 2.5 hour drive there) so i did go and off course the Burnley tunnel was closed and traffic chaos so 2.5 hours turned into more than 4 hours there. I do wish she would come here sometimes, especially as she is still fit and gets into many activities, just not going to the other side of the bay.So four days of my working week were taken up with hospital visits and waiting rooms and visiting- when i could have done so much sewing. Sometimes it is the pits working from home- because basically the rest of the world and my family don't think I work because I am home.I can't remember the last time they asked to see anything I was working on because they just think I don't work.

So in between all that it's been difficult to focus because  there is family calling finding out about my father, family calling to ask arrangements etc, hospital calling with more appointments.And I have kids......who need me as well- I feel like I am being pulled in every direction because there is only me.

Anyway I made myself some promises before all this happened- and I am trying to stay on track , but inevitably some of it has fallen by the wayside. I have been trying to sew a storm, but there is only so much sewing you can do in one day before the back starts to complain.it leaves no time for playing and I think I find the muse again because I allowed myself a little time to play.
 These are all the poppy variations I have been working on ( these type of variations will be the subject matter of my workshops at Kalmthout in Belgium on 9/10 November- see my previous post for details)

And these are a series of work I am calling Queens of Olde- based on an statue I saw in Bayeaux Cathedral. I am still playing around with the eyes a little. Is it too odd to make them colours?


Unknown said...

I am exhausted just reading Dijanne! Good luck with the parents - That one is a tough call!

I love your Kings! The one on the right looks like King Edward - Henry VIII's son! Well the way I see him anyway!


Patrise Dowling said...

I'm exhausted reading this as well! You poor thing. Big hug and a box of chocolates. Went through the same thing last year with my Dad and Mum. Hang in there!
I think the eyes are too dark on your Queens. They look a bit scary. Maybe it's just me?

bois-fleurie said...

What a nightmare,I hope it all sorts soon.Its odd how family often some how don't see what we do,but your work is always fabulous as ever

Joy V said...

I hear you Dijanne. Since taking retirement from full-time work, everyone thinks you have nothing to do! Even though I still work part-time and have stated I want to concentrate on my quilts, designs, etc and learn other art skills, it is still taken as 'not real work'. Hang in there with your parents, you can't do everything!