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 Tifaifai- Playing with a Polynesian Technique

Created with a grant from 

Beginner- Advanced

This technique uses the wonderful Polynesian method of creating an applique by folding , but using modern inspirations from the world aroud us, or you can use your own inspiration. I have five new designs available for your use- each with a variation of the technique and a variation for end use. You will be given guidance on how to create your own designs if you would prefer to make your own design. In fact I would like to encourage you to make your own design as it is a very exciting technique which is also forgiving.

The technique lends itself to using a simple colour palette of two contrast colours ( with perhaps a third colour thrown in for accent)

The beauty of the technique is that if you carefully cut out the  positive image you end  up with the negative cutout which can also be made into a quilt or cushion or table runner.

Once you have your design cutout you will be shown how to attach it to the background fabric and  how to raw edge applique  and quilt it all in the one step.

I offer this class as an interactive class in that we share your progress  in a private Facebook group and there will be a weekly Zoom question and answer session. This also allows us to get to know each other a little. I consider that questions are as much a part of the learning process as notes and videos . You will also be able to work at your own pace.

The class will consist of:

  • instructional videos, taking you through all the steps
  • a look at my workbook used in developing the designs
  • comprehensive pdf notes with lots of images taking you through all the steps
  • a facebook private forum for discussion and sharing your progress
  • weekly zoom session for question and answer and getting to know each other.

Some necessary items you must have:
  • darning foot for your sewing machine
  • good sharp scissors
The class will run over a period of four weeks however I keep the facebook group open for longer.  The cost of the course is $100 AUS. ( depending on currency exchange rates , approximately $ 77 USD, 65 Euro, 56 British pounds)
To register for the course simply pay via the Paypal button

There will be five patterns available. Each pattern will deliver a positive cutout and a negative cutout , if cut out carefully.

                             Sea Horse- small wall haning or cushion cover

                                                  Hares in the Field - Wall Hanging

                                             Pomegranate  Tree- wall hanging

                                             Gumnut blossoms- wall hanging or large cushion cover

                                                 Banksia Table Runner or long Wall Hanging.


Linocutting and Printing  on Fabric
Created with a Grant from 

Beginner- Advanced

This  on-line class has been designed for those interested in printing on fabric or creating unique one-off printed fabrics for use in textile work. I will share with you how I have adopted linocutting into my textile practice. The class will focus on creating designs for linocuts, carving the linocuts and printing on the fabric using a number of different printing ideas. I will take you through a workbook I recently created to  develop designs for multi block printing.

Creating linocuts is undergoing exciting new developments at present , due to the fact that it is so accessible, relatively low cost, can be done at your kitchen table or desk, and the outcomes are always unique.  The materials needed are available from art shops and some textile suppliers. No one print is exactly the same. However it is possible to create repeat prints- keeping in mind  that printing with lino will give slight variations.

We will look at the tools,  creating the design, transferring the design, carving and practicising strokes, carving your linocut, printing on fabric, multi blocks to create vignettes and repeat block printing.

The class will consist of:
  • videos taking you through the process
  • extensive pdf notes ( a condensation of 25 years of printing experience) 
  • a private facebook group for discussion and sharing 
  • weekly zoom sessions for questions and answers and getting to know each other a little.
I will encourage you to make your own designs, inspired by observation or photos you have taken.

The class will run for a period of four weeks, but I will keep the facebook group open for longer as you will work at your own pace. It is always good to see how others create their designs and to trouble shoot less successful prints and to discuss design.

 The cost of the course is $100 AUS. ( depending on currency exchange rates , approximately $77 USD, 65 Euro, 55 British pounds)
To register for the course simply pay via the Paypal button and I will be in touch with further information.
This class will commence on  4April 2021

Some images of  work I have created using linocuts I have made. ( I will be teaching embellishing your linocut printed fabric as a separate class in the future.)

Inspiration and developing designs:

Pages from my workbook and a hand made book I recently made.


Teri Donovan Springer said...

There is something wrong with your checkout. Keeps telling me to enter a valid email even tho I am. Would love to take the class but, clearly, I cannot if your system won't allow me to pay.

Sharon Serrano Ahmed said...

I sent my payment yesterday and have not received a confirmation and it didn't ask for any registration information or email. Can you please confirm that I am enrolled and send a supply list?
Thank you

Robby Wright said...

I registered for an online pods workshop and paid (Paypal I believe) but have heard nothing. is there a problem? regards,
Robby Wright

Dijanne Cevaal said...

Robby Wright
I have tried to email you but your email keeps bouncing. I actually refinded your money via Paypal and left a mesaage to alert you to the fact that your email was bouncing. I am sorry but I have no way of contacting you other than with the email on the paypal payment you sent which bounces.

Ellie said...

Is your Pods class still available? I do not see it here. I love your work!!!

Kara said...

Hi, I’ve tried to find your pod pattern, is it still available? Love them.

Kristin Freeman said...

I’m looking for your online pods pattern as mentioned in your instagram post. Where is the information so that I can order the pattern?

babsi said...

I am looking for the pod pattern as well

Anonymous said...

I am interested in purchasing the pattern for the pods please?

Ana said...

Hi Dijanne, I would love to take your Tifaifai class. Have you already set a date?

Abid said...

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