Sunday, September 30, 2012

Form and Variation

The threads have finally arrived and I am desperately trying to make as many samples as I can whilst planning workshops etc. One of the workshops I will be teaching in Belgium at Kalmhout I call Form and Variation, which is basically playing with one shape or form and  changing it to  change the shape/lines and even colours so that you get variations on the one theme. I like playing around with the shape of things and finding  details and contrasting them with  larger forms. It teaches you to look carefully and notice differences and exaggerate differences and use them to  create contrast and interest.
The first photo is of some poppy variations, all done with polyester non- woven fibre and coloured with transfer paint.One of the problems with the threads that were sent is that  they are not  in the colours i would normally use- yes i requested certain colours, but my idea of colour and the person who picked out the threads is obviously different- so another challenge in that regard!

The photo above is of some abstraction i did of a sea shore debris, just looking at how different things look when you change the colour of fabric and thread.The workshop at Kalmhout will be 9/10 November and it is possible to do you r choice of Form and Variation, or Tifaifai or  machine applique/embroidery. Email me if you are interested.The cost will be 65 euros per day or 120 Euros for both days per person.


ann vanherle said...

Volgende donderdag zie ik een paar dames die ik over de workshop ga vertellen. Ik kom al zeker.

Muhammad Sabbir Ahmed said...

Very Very Nice Post Bro

Radka said...

I love the poppy project, beautiful.