Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Linocut

I have been making a new linocut- I wanted something that suggested France, but after spending quite some time looking through my photos I could not find anything that stood out and yelled-me, me I am Paris! In the end I opted to  make a linocut of a quintessential parissienne past time, drinking coffee and watching people walk by.I was happy with the way the actual linocut looked but when I printed it was rather disappointed- I think my ink may have been too runny or  something else was not quite  right- it can be a fiddly process getting the printing surface just right for printing on fabric due to the consistency of the  textile printing ink.It will change with stitching  but i was too disappointed to even attempt that.

I did try printing it on lutradur and I was much happier with the result, and the stitching really brought it out. I stitched this entirely with Aurifil mako cotton 28 weight thread ( which I love as it is thicker and has a lovely sheen). The finished piece measures 11 1/4 inches by 111/2 inches and is for sale for $80Aus inclusive of postage.

And I shall be listing the classes I am teaching in Europe in the next few days as I am still finalising things- if there is something you would particularly like me to teach please contact me. I shall be doing two days of workshops in Belgium now too at Kalmthout.


Unknown said...

Oh I hear you! It an be very frustrating!

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