Monday, September 10, 2012

The Week That Flew

It's been a week I would rather forget and yet on the other hand a lot of good things happened.Firstly my favourite aunt who I always visit when I go to Holland and who is like a friend not an aunt has been critically ill in hospital- things are still in the balance but last night there was some improvement after 6 days- I will know more tomorrow and feel terribly frustrated being so far away- but the hospital is only allowing her two daughters to visit and then for only small moments in time once a day. I have been burning candles and sending prayers to the universe in the hop that I may get to see her when i go to Europe in October- maybe there was a reason why I could only get my rewards booking to fly into Brussels.

Then on Friday went to see my eldest daughter and drove her to work as I was going to visit friends I had not seen in ages and not far from my daughters work the car lost power and just refused to start ( I had the timing belt and big service done the week before last)- so it had to be put on a trailer to be brought back to Geelong. Have no idea what is wrong with it and don't really have any people in my life that can give me any clues or help in that regard- so now I have to wait for news from the garage..... The only upside was that it did not break down  near the Bend of Islands way where my friends live, because beautiful as it is,  it is pretty isolated. So I didn't get photos done and wasted a day.

But  then I did manage to get work done. I had to send  images of samples of some of the work I shall be demonstrating at the Abilmente Fiere in Vicenza 18-21 October - where I shall be demonstrating for Juki,Freudenberg and Mettler. As they had not sent me samples to work with I had to quickly invent some;

Working with lutradur and evolon and linocuts and thread. I need to make some more but I wanted something that was image  related but clearly showed the differences in appearance and texture.
Then I finished the article for Downunder Textiles- yay- it always takes longer than i think but it continued the playing with the breakdown printing. So I did an image of a Norman knight- does he go with the lady?Is it worth playing around with these some more?The image was influenced by the Bayeaux Tapestry where the dress of the knights is very simple but graphically illustrated.

I also did some printing with my owl linocut. Each  printed owl measures 25 cm x 50 cm so quite a lot of surface for stitching. The printed panel is for sale for $15AUS plus postage.The prints come up really well when you stitch them, but I haven't had the time to stitch the owl panel as yet.


ann vanherle said...

Hopelijk komt alles in orde met je tante.Als je in de buurt bent altijd welkom!

Sewjournal said...

Isn't it Freudenborg that make that wonderful batting called Quitlite? Tell them I wish it were more widely available in Australia at more reasonable pricers because then I would use it ALL the time.

shahlon said...

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