Sunday, March 09, 2008

Zenobia's Desert Court

It is said that Zenobia the Queen of Palmyra rode with her troops and that she was a skilled horsewoman. She is also said to have been of Egyptian origin and claimed she was related to Cleopatra. However no doubt, when she and her troops bivouacked in the desert they would have spread their crapets underfoot, as seems to have been a long standing tradition of the bedouin and other desert nomads. What I originally thought of as Gypsy Moments really seem more like little carpets especially after looking at the colours of the carpets and rugs in various books I have on Middle Eastern textiles. So I am now thinking of them as something that might be installed with my little Zenobia's and other Arabian nights inspired dolls- each with a story to tell.

The images on yesterdays's slide show, all hail from pre 2004 so all are older works.
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Kristin L said...

I like how the "carpets" have the colors and visual interest of real carpets, but aren't copies at all -- just the essence of carpet-ness. "Dressing" the dolls must be fun too. :-)

Digitalgran said...

scrumptious Dijanne! Welcome home!