Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Finally Finished

I wished I could say I had been working , but I don't seem to have done much at all. I have been gathering my thoughts on "Caravanserai" the title of my exhibition which will be held at Textil und Kunst in Munich from 1- 26 September 2008. I have finally distilled some ideas about what I am going to do for my catalogue thing, making some of the pages with the technique I played with at Laura and Annette's. So i had to order some tjantjings, as the effects are a form of batik. And I finally embroidered one of the Zenobia's I printed awhile back . I like her better with her turban and embroidery details, though she is still not quite how I saw her, or drew her- but it will have to do! I want to make about 40-50 different dolls to form an installation at my exhibition- so I had better get moving!
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Anonymous said...

love yiur doll and good luck with getting them finished on time. quite an amount, but a fab idea! and then you better offer them for sale :)