Monday, March 10, 2008

Working on the Khan

I showed an image of Khan Assad al Pasha last November. At that stage I was just ecxperimenting with Inkaid- but I have decided to use this image and some others for my exhibition- they will be like introductory glimpses to Damascus. The problem then became how to quilt the surround and today it finally struck me I should use cross stitch- as cross stitch is used to decorate traditional dresses from Northern Syria. I like the juxtaposition of some really basic simple and old style of stitching with something computer generated.It is stiflingly hot today so not a great day for any stitching, so I was quite pleased to get as much done as I did.
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jude said...

brilliant choice, i like the way it is see through and the elements combine nicely.

Sue Krekorian said...

That's a brilliant and inspired juxtaposition: working well!

Digitalgran said...

That is wonderful Dijanne and the post above too. I studied Palestinian dresses for city and guilds and I think they are very similar? The cross stich will work very well.