Thursday, May 04, 2006

I am Still Here

No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I did teach near Girona which was a lot of fun. The village where I stayed was just gorgeous and perfect for early morning walks. I will post pictures as soon as I have access to somewhere where I can post photos. And the food was very good too- I love what the Catalan do with toasted bread- you slice a tomato in half and mush the inners onto your toast rubbing really hard ( if you are a garlic head you can rub some garlic in before you rub the tomato) and then you dribble it with olive oil and then sprinkly with salt and pepper- it is seriously good! And the students were a lot of fun as well.

My husband has gone for a job interview- for drafting homes for a company not so far away from where we live- keep your fingers crossed for me. It means I won't travel so much- maybe once a year but regular income will be a nice change.

And at the moment I am in Israel- the opening of Across Australia is tonight in Tel Aviv- this all happened suddenly and at the last minute.The quilts look fabulous int he space art Shalom Towers. The exhibition will then move onto Ramallah, although I will be staying in Jerusalem- where I will also go and then onto Nazareth- but by then I shall be back in Europe at Salleles d'Aude.

Right now have to finish hand quilting a piece I started last year- but kept on putting off the hand quilting part- I want it finished by tonight when I am giving a lecture.


Liz Plummer said...

Mmm, I remember that yummy bread from when I was in Barcelona... did you have those doughnutty cakes filled with custard too?

Digitalgran said...

All the best to your husband with the job interview. You have been leading such an exciting life recently Dijanne and even if you are able to stay home more, just think all you will have to look back on as you grow old!

Deb Hardman said...

Dijanne, I found your blog here today, & I've wanted to tell you how much I've admired your work ever since I saw the first piece in the Feel Free show. & now you're in Israel! It must be very exciting & fun! The group from Israel that were in Barcelona were very friendly, especially one gal who had moved there from Texas.Best wishes to you, Deb Hardman