Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Exhibition in Gelselaar

Today the exhibition I am having with my friends Annelies Elburg, Laura Liebenberg ,Elviera and Hella opens at Erve Brooks in gelselaar in gelderland. The exhibition consists of quilts, hand painted cloth and felt works and we have lots things for sale to inspire and experiment.

24 t/m 28 meiExpositie TextielkunstPannenkoekenboerderij 'Erve Brooks', Broekhuisdijk 5, Gelselaar(Gld.). Info: tel. 0573452911, annelies.elburg@worldmail.nlDe expositie 'Textielkunst' bestaat uit moderne quilts van Annelies Elburg en Dijanne Cevaal, een Australische textielkunstenares, schilderijen op textiel van Laura Liebenberg en viltkunst van Hella Sluyters. Er hangen ca. 25 quilts en ca. 5 schilderijenop textiel en 4 vilt-objecten. De tentoongestelde kunst is ook te koop.Open: woensdag t/m zondag 10.00-17.00 uur.

I have been trying to upload photos but am having all sorts of problems , as I wanted to show some of the amulets in the colelction of Berzeit university- as they were little fabric parcels.

I also want to answer anonymous from Israel. I did preface my comments on my Palestine post by saying that I met many good people on both sides and that in that I trusted .And in that I hope for a fair and negotiated settlement. However I do feel that what is reported in Australia is a skewed view that presents mostly the point of view of one side and that the view presented rarely gives the Palestinian view. As Omega so rightly observed lets not mince words about the fence- it is a ugly concrete wall that is at least 6 metres high built to contain and that has observation posts at regular intervals manned with soldiers with machine guns. I reported what i saw because I was shocked- I have never seen anything like it.Nor was I fully aware of the implications that Palestinians have no citizenship- that means they are in a trap- they cannot go anywhere else, because their id cards are not sufficient, without a great deal more , to travel to another country let alone another area in the physical space they find themselves- which now has a concrete wall around it. I also have a longstanding interest in international relations and international law left over from my university law years and my years as a solicitor and am a firm believer in negotiated settlements- however in order to negotiate the negotiators must come to the table with at least the hope of equal rights - and when you are denied the right of citizenship despite the fact that you were born in an area of land to which your ancestors also have claim then I think there are serious problems. And in this I hold the international community as much responsible as anyone else.

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