Thursday, May 25, 2006

Exhibition at Gelselaar

Finally!- some photos..... I took this photo yesterday of our exhibition at Gelselaar-the two centre works are by Annelies Elburg. The wooden uprights are the original oak uprights from the old farm shed which has been refurbished.

The second set of photos are of traditional palestinian embroidered dresses.The cross stitching on these dresses is very fine and often done freehand straight onto the background fabric. The photo of the little bundles are of amulets collected by Dr canaan- he collected these from patients sometimes receiving them as payment for his service. He carefull catalogued all his amulets and i found these especially intriguing as they were made from fabric and tied like little parcels. Griots also wore this kind of amulet- inscriptions, often koranic, wrapped into little cloth parcels to protect them.

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Anonymous said...

It's all so beautiful--from the rustic farm building to the refined quilts, to the rich colors of the dresses and the layers and textures of the amulets. Thank you for sharing!