Sunday, January 09, 2005

Ribbon Lace

Ribbon Lace Posted by Hello
Someone quite rightly pointed out that the fabric I was printing a couple of days ago was based on a ribbon lace pattern. The pattern I picked up when I went to visit the Lace Museum in Brugge in a shop called Irma. They had old cardboard patterns sitting in a bargain bucket, and i could not resist.I also bought a piece of eighteenth century drochel lace, as this was likely to have been worn by as part of the Zeeuws costumes, and also a piece of nineteenth century Valenciennes lace.They had some other wonderful antique laces including a seventeenth century piece of Venetian needle lace which was to die for , but way out of my league, pirce wise. The landscape you can see through the lace is our vegetable garden. Back to the machine!

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