Thursday, January 06, 2005


This Was Forest Not Long Ago Posted by Hello
I went for a small drive along the Old Beech Forest Road, which is the road I live on .About 5-6 kilometres up the road the forest used to start ( there is a lot of logging in the region). This is what i found this morning. Now when they raze a hillside like this they are supposed to leave a verge of trees along the road's edge guess that didn't happen. I was shocked by how much of this area has been denuded for woodchip. Below is a photo of how the forest should look and I had to drive another 7 kms to find it. So when loggers tell you they log in an environmentally friendly way I wonder what they mean by that?? It's put me in a good mood for more lace work-not- I am trying to think how I can incorporate tree ferns into a piece, but the treeferns along the roads edge were overrun with ragwort so that it was difficult to get a decent photo.

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