Thursday, December 13, 2007

Working on Variation 17

I have tried to work since being back from Melbourne, but life keeps on intervening so it has been slow going. I did buy some more screen printing supplies to do more break down printing when I was in Melbourne, and some more dyes to make sure I don't run out over summer. Now I have to order some more fabric and then I am set to do a dye run if anyone is interested in buying any fabric? Doing anything outside at the moment is inviting fly feasting- they are so sticky and numerous at the moment! In the early mornings I have to water the vegie garden which is finally coming along- ridiculous amounts of tomatoes planted and all sorts of other stuff, but I love eating out of the garden and i look longingly for that first tomato.

I have also been looking at house plans and prices- as I want a house built on the other block- I must admit the prices have me hyperventilating a bit- actually a lot, so anyone who can share experiences or other information- I would gladly receive it. I have also been working on my resume- it is slowly getting there.
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soul at play said...

you asked for info about house building... have you looked in to building 'green'. I know you try to follow permiculture in your garden but have you looked at green buildings? they have a book 'The Hand Scultured House' which I could recommend this family had a TV series here in the UK

both these two sites have links once you start looking you'll find it hard to stop..

good luck and best wishes

Catherine said...

I would really like to buy one of your current pieces of work. Do you plan to do any in a red/ reddish colour way?
Thank you Catherine

Annabel said...

Hi Dijanne, Yes I'm interested in your fabric please! I'm a little busy with mum just at the moment, so if you have a chance could you let me know when you've done your dyeing and we could perhaps email? Thanks. Annabel R xx