Sunday, December 09, 2007

Hill Cool

I am going away for a day or two with my eldest daughter and boyfriend and believe it or not my middle daughter. I thought it was best that the reunion be on neutral ground whilst doing some other things like movies, shops and galleries.
I have also been tinkering with the Otway water blog and have actually changed the address ( one letter less) It is my intention, now that it is up and running to post more photos and stories and information about our region so that it becomes a resource in its own right.It will be made up of many voices. I have posted a photo of the hill behind our house because it always looks different and in the early morning it often has a cloudy dress. This makes the evenings, when the weather is hot hot hot bearable- a cool descends in our valley which even results in condensation even in summer, and the brilliant southern night skies is like a canopy oftwinkling little lights- orions belt, the southern cross- I love it all.
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Shirley Goodwin said...

Thanks for the info about threads - it's never occurred to me to use 2 threads in one needle.

Hope you reunion goes well.